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Privacy Policy & GDPR

Privacy Policy & GDPR


We Are Inverurie Ltd (WAI) - containing Inverurie Events - always look to keep, process, and use your persona data safely. We comply with both the Data Protection Act (DPA 1998) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018) which ensures that your information and data is processed appropriately and in accordance with legislation.

When you agree to engage with any our campaigns - e.g. email event registration or social media photo competition submission we adhere to this privacy policy which aims to provide total clarity when transparently outlining all that we do with your information, as per the following principles:


  • Requires a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent by clear affirmative action
  • People have a right to withdraw consent, which must be brought to their attention
  • Explicit consent is required for some processing - e.g., special categories of personal data/Marketing)

Contractual Necessity & Legitimate Interests

  • Data processed must be necessary for the service and defined in the contract with the individual in a lawful, fair, explicit, and transparent manner.
  • Data processed must be securely done so, securely stored, and remain confidential.
  • Data processed for its specific purpose must be accurately maintained and retained for no longer than necessary.

What Information Do We Collect?

In relation to your Personal Information, we may require to collect your: first name, last name, email address, and/or telephone number and/or when specified, visuals/footage pertaining to any internal or external initiatives.

For example. when you enter a photo competition, we may require you to submit an image. Another example being, if you have entered a free giveaway competition which requires a photograph and/or video footage showing acceptance.

The management of WAI are responsible for securing, keeping, and maintain the information we collect (For any queries, please contact for compliance, complaints, and maintenance).

For What Purposes?

For any marketing, advertising, or promotional purposes, your information is used ONLY where you have provided your explicit consent and we have obtained, noted, and confirmed your permission to do so. An instance of this pertains to interacting with any web, social, or digital placements.

WAI will not process and store any personal data for longer than required - e.g. submission of photo competition entries will be deleted after competition finishes. It is your right to request, obtain access to, and receive a copy of the information we hold, once you have submitted and we have received your request in writing or by email.


  • WAI will be the sole administrator of any current/future free draw giveaway and/or competition prize draw. In any instance of collaboration or partnership, those parties will be considered on a support-only basis.
  • Full, clear explanation as to routes to entry will be explicitly stated accordingly.
  • The above extends to eligibility requirements for entrants e.g. some prizes may be subject to age restrictions and/or a suitability consultation in which an assessment and evaluation may determine progression/prohibition and shall be deemed final.
  • The current competition period and dates relating to competition start, duration, and closure will be stated accordingly on each given competition/giveaway placement.
  • Clear definitions and outline of the prize(s) offered along with any suitability requirements (as above) will be explicitly stated.
  • Prize draw / selection of giveaway winner(s) will be conducted/supported by WAI Management under supervision, taking place on the specified, stated date.
  • Winner(s) will be informed as soon as possible after draw. Acceptance and Refusal of the prize is at the winner's discretion.
  • If WAI cannot establish contact with the winner within a reasonable timeframe of the first attempt, a new winner will be drawn until all criteria are fulfilled.
  • All conditions above are subject to and under the rules dictated by both data protection legislation, as outlined in the sections above.
  • The re-purposing of any entries, and/or any copyright ownership resultant of said entry, will be aligned with data protection legislation e.g. express consent, permission, and release will be obtained.
  • All free draw giveaways and competition prize draws will be in accordance with relevant legislation, with unequivocal distinctions made from any free draw giveaway or competitions towards a lottery. Any free draw giveaways and/or competition prize draws proffer a complete release of Facebook/Instagram by each entrant or participant; and any such instances are in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook/Instagram.
  • WAI does not accept any responsibility regarding the suitability of the prize for the winner.
  • By submitting your competition/giveaway entry, you agree to the above terms and conditions


Upon your submission of any visual, footage or written copy, WAI will be deemed as holders of the copyright and ownership of intellectual property rights pertaining to any content (written, audio, visual images, and motion video) extending to any usage of these visuals on any of WAI’s websites, social, and/or business platforms and on any, other publications and produced materials (such as leaflets, posters, newspaper advertisements).

In entering our competitions, you are providing your consent and WAI will ensured to have followed General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in acquiring, processing, and storing of my personal information with regards to any of the aforementioned content types.

October 2020

Updated June 2021