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INtroducing The Hair Sanctuary

INtroducing The Hair Sanctuary

INtroducing The Hair Sanctuary

Step into a new world of excellence at The Hair Sanctuary, a fresh and welcoming hair salon owned by passionate entrepreneur, Rochelle Ingram.

Located in the heart of Inverurie at the Hub (Market Place), this haven for hair lovers offers a unique blend of top-notch services, eco-friendly choices and we’re sure Inverurie local and visitors alike welcome another fantastic local business.

Rochelle, the brilliant mind behind The Hair Sanctuary, envisioned a place of serenity. Her idea was refreshingly simple: a calming space where you can get your hair done and leave feeling completely refreshed. The atmosphere here radiates a sense of peace, providing the perfect retreat from the daily rush.

What makes The Hair Sanctuary special is Rochelle’s dedication to quality and the environment. Rochelle uses only Eleven Australia products, known for their exceptional hair care. This not only pampers your hair but also shows her love for our planet. It's her way of making sure you get top-notch service while keeping an eye on the environment.

Another thing that sets The Hair Sanctuary apart is Rochelle's commitment to the local community. She believes in supporting fellow local businesses. From locally roasted coffee beans to charming cups, she's all about strengthening the community. Rochelle even shares her salon space with other talented hairstylists, fostering a sense of collaboration and growth in the community.

The services at The Hair Sanctuary are as diverse as they are outstanding. Whether you're looking for a trendy haircut, a stunning hair colour transformation, or a special styling session for a big event, Rochelle has got you covered. It's your one-stop shop for all things hair, delivered with utmost care and attention to detail.

Be sure to visit her page and read more super reviews like this:

‘Rochelle has been my hairdresser for years and without fail always does an amazing job- she never fails! However, this was my first time in her brand-new salon, The Hair Sanctuary, and I can honestly say that the salon is beautiful.

Very relaxing and neutral and the Eleven Australia products are first class.’