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Pride of INverurie 2021

Pride of INverurie 2021

Nominations are now live for Pride Of INverurie 2021 - head over here to get nominating!

*POI is looking for those that either live, work or have contributed to the Inverurie community this past year! By capturing this community sentiment, celebrating POI will be geared towards identifying exceptional people, key workers, shop owners and networks etc. who have been incredible support pillars for the wider town.

Shall we run through the award categories and their criteria?

Individual Community Champion focuses on finding those who have proactively given their help to their neighbours or town at large by raising spirits, selflessly going that extra mile and giving their fellow locals a supportive hand when needed. All acts of kindness, small or large are worth recognising!

Health/Care Worker focuses on finding and recognising the incredible commitment, work and dedication shown by those in the health/care services. Each and every health and care worker has played a vital role in sustaining the core services needed to protect and support our friends, families, neighbours and town.

Community Initiative (group/service) focuses on finding a network/group who have proactively given their help to the community by going above and beyond for fellow locals by helping them through the pandemic, in any way shape or from. In essence, this group, service or initiative - and the people involved - have looked to support Inverurie by way of essential help, collective support and organised assistance which has provided a tangible benefit to others. For example, a craft group, a grocery collection network or a social media group.

Young Person Award focuses on finding young people who have taken action to support their friends, families or neighbours. Furthermore, their initiative and drive to help their town is to be commended and can cover things such as picking up prescriptions, food, fundraising, support around the house, supportive siblings etc.

Fundraising/Charity Project focuses on finding individuals or groups who have dedicated time and energy to raise funds for important charities during the pandemic. With no emphasis on the amount raised, this award looks to find those who have shown dedication, ingenuity and commitment to raising funds for vital causes.

Local Business focuses on recognising the local businesses who gave gone above and beyond during this pandemic. By adjusting, adapting or adopting new services (e.g. delivery, essential items, online options), they have risen to the challenge and the needs facing Inverurie. In summary, this category will identify those in the business community who have shown a dedication to incredible personal service and exemplify the value of Shop Local!

Support For Learning focuses on finding those who exemplify a dedication to learning, education and enhancement of their students. Epitomising key workers, at home, school, online or social media, they have been crucial in these challenging times. For example, they have been tailoring study plans for diverse range of students/subjects, maintaining pastoral/holistic support whilst being a strong, reassuring and positive energy.

Key Workers (Non-health) focuses on finding/recognising the vital and amazing work a wide variety of key workers are doing during these difficult times. They have been pivotal in providing essential items, services and support as key pillars of the local economy. This category will focus on workers in areas such as retail, transport, public services, delivery etc.

Entertainment focuses on finding individual performers, organisers or groups which have given the town well-needed relief for the issues we currently face. In recognising those who have entertained the community, it is appreciating the power of putting a smile on faces and lifting spirits through music, singing, comedy etc.

Lifetime Achievement Award outstanding contribution to the town of Inverurie for a significant period of time, as decided by Inverurie Events Committee.

Let's recognise local excellence!