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INverurie Welcomes ERP Nails

INverurie Welcomes ERP Nails

INverurie Welcomes ERP Nails

Today, We Are Inverurie BID are thrilled to introduce the fantastic —ERP Nails.

Meet Evita Romāne-Pantoka, a certified nail technician and the heart and soul behind this fantastic new business in Inverurie. Her passion for enhancing your beauty through nail care shines through in every detail.

With a keen eye for perfection and a strong dedication to excellence, Evita offers a variety of nail services to suit your unique preferences. Whether you're into classic manicures, long-lasting gel polish manicures, or the durability of hard gel manicures, ERP Nails has something for everyone.

Evita's personal touch and dedication ensure that every visit results in nails that reflect your personality and enhance your style. Whether it's a special event or some well-deserved self-care, ERP Nails is now warmly welcoming Inverurie residents, locals and visitors alike.

Here what Evita has to say on her website:

‘I'm a certified and insured nail technician who follows the newest technologies and nail trends. My work is the reflection of my love to nails. Nail preparation is the key to beautiful and long lasting nails. It's all about quality not quantity.’

If you're curious, don't forget to check out Evita's website to explore a gallery of her impressive nail art portfolio!