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INverurie Welcomes Event by Design

INverurie Welcomes Event by Design

New Member Welcome

In the heart of Inverurie, you'll now find the INcredible Event by Design, a go-to destination for all your event decor needs.

While they specialise in wedding decor, they're a versatile choice for various celebrations including baby showers, proposals, and more. They even offer a sweet candy bag delivery service for that extra special touch!

Event by Design stands out for its diverse range of decor items. Their carefully curated collection includes everything from elegant table settings to eye-catching centerpieces, ensuring your event has a unique and fitting ambiance. They take pride in paying attention to every detail, understanding that each occasion is special.

Wedding decor is where Event by Design truly shines. They offer a wide range of options, from classic and timeless designs to contemporary and chic aesthetics, catering to the varied preferences of both modern and traditional brides and grooms.

We’re proud to welcome them to Inverurie and encourage locals to use Event by Design as their partner in bringing elegance and sophistication to special moments. With a wide array of decor options and a dedication to making your vision come to life, Event by Design is a creative and community-oriented choice in Inverurie.

Whether you're planning your dream wedding or celebrating any other significant event, Event by Design is ready to turn your vision into unforgettable memories.

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