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The Big Bash Scotland | Tesco Inverurie

The Big Bash Scotland | Tesco Inverurie

Tesco Inverurie

Empowering Community Causes through Donation Collection Cans

Something Inverurie BID will never tire of is showcasing the businesses that actively contribute to the betterment of our local community. Through the placement of donation collection cans at all their tills or tokens for customers to direct Tesco's support towards charities etc., Tesco Inverurie has made a remarkable difference in our community and assisted countless local causes

The simple concept of a convenient opportunity for customers to contribute to worthy causes while going about their regular shopping is invaluable as a means for donations that support local initiatives and organisations.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to Tesco Inverurie for their dedication to making a positive impact. Their support in raising funds for UCAN through donation collection demonstrates their commitment to the well-being of our community. Tesco Inverurie's generosity and community spirit are truly commendable, and we are grateful for their contributions in helping UCAN make a difference in the lives of those affected by urological cancer.